Lowest turnout unequivocal rejection of dynastic rule of PDP, NC: Vakil

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Srinagar, April 11
Reacting on the historical lowest turnout in the recent polling in Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency and deferring polling of Anantnag Parliamentary Constituency former minister Abdul Gani Vakil said that this clearly indicates that government has failed to hold elections and has no right to rule the State and demanded resignation of Chief Minister on moral grounds besides this negligible voter turnout is also an unequivocal rejection of the dynastic rule of both NC and PDP as they failed to keep their political promises whether autonomy or self rule and secondly central government too failed to address the Kashmir issue and never bothered to engage stake holders in the dialogue process.
Vakil said that people here are completely fed up of the exploitative political tactics and gimmicks of NC and PDP and added that PDP and NC has set a goal of flourishing their respective dynasty and dynastic centric politics without caring for poor people. He said that both these regional parties never ever bothered about innocent people or their interests but preferred either to stay in power or grab it at any cost. Whenever these parties contest elections everyone hears their loud slogans of Autonomy and Self-rule besides other exploitive speeches but important issues of development, unemployment and cause of alienation always get omitted from their preferences Vakil added.
Vakil said that abstaining of electorate from voting is also a clear indication that policies and programs of both allied partners NC-Congress and PDP-BJP are not pro people and sentiments of people stands hurt. He said that when PDP forged alliance with the BJP against the wishes of the people of J&K despite the same a section of people pinned hope that BJP lead Central Government may do all possible with which normalcy and order in the valley may return but the situation has turned murkier and Prime Minister Narendra Modi not only humiliated PDP on various occasions but also rejected their plea of dialogue with all stake holders.

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