LPG connections for BPL families mismanaged in Bhaderwah

A weird irony that has hit Bhaderwah town is quite astonishing as well as surprising as the new order released by the government to reach out to the poor with the supply of free gas connections is heavily loaded with mismanagement.
The issue came to the light when the government order reached various gas agencies in Bhaderwah where it was found that names of 5 to 6 people of one family appeared as beneficiaries while the gas connections meant for the poor and the BPL were seen evaded to them.
This led to a great commotion as to how and who played the trick to supply the gas connections to the well offs while depriving the same to the lower BPL families. The people of the villages hit by this manipulation are the residents and the BPL of the villages that include, Bhalla, Sartingal, Chinta and Charalla .
The BPL people when reached the concerned gas agencies to find their names in the government list, were left aghast to see that instead of their names, the other names that appeared in the list were of the people belonging to well off families.When this reporter tried to ascertain the ground reality of such mismanagement, he came to know that none of the government agency even owned the responsibility on the release of the gas connections to these people.
When contacted, the SDM Bhaderwah Mohd Anwar Banday said, “No survey was conducted to identify the beneficiaries, besides no list even was prepared to be sent to the gas agencies for distribution. I do not know who played the hoax,” said SDM.
Given such circumstances, it becomes quite apparent that the government is unconcerned over its plans for different segments of the people or the departments concerned with such plans are deliberately doing the damage at the grass root levels.

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