‘Maanavta Da Rishta’ presented by Bhartiya Kala Sangam

Bhartiya Kala Sangam presented a Dogri play‘Maanavta Da Rishta’ based on a story written by Prof. Ram Nath Shastri here today at Natrang Studio Theatre. This play was presented with the support of Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi under their scheme of financial assistance and was adapted /designed by Rahul Singh and directed by Ramesh Singh. Regional Director ICCR Jammu Padamshree  Balwant Thakur was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

The play is based on a story line based on twisted emotions, relationships and values of human nature. Anil and Nisha are longing for a child since 14 years. But, unfortunately they are not blessed enough to experience the joy of having their own child. Taroo devi (Anil’s mother) is a very superstitious, arrogant and a negatively straight forward lady. She is always after Nisha and taunts her on everything just because she could not give birth to a baby. This disturbs Nisha inside out. Nisha talks to Anil about adopting a child she also tells him that it’s been 14 years since our marriage we don’t have a child and all our age mates are settled in their families. She expresses her motherly emotions which she wants to experience and is like a dream for her. She tells Anil that they should adopt a child. But, Anil takes this negatively and as a taunt on his manly strength. He gives an example of his friend who married second time for a child and tells Nisha that he would do the same. This gives a big shock to poor Nisha. The characters who played different roles in the play were Meenakshi Bhagat as Nisha, Shivam Singh as Anil, Rajan Thakyal as Narindra, Aishwarya Saathe as Taaro Devi and Brijesh Avtaar Sharma as Pandit. Mahikshit Singh presented the show before the audiences.


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