‘Macaron hair’ is the sweetest beauty trend yet

Move over ‘Pumpkin Spice hair’ — the latest hot trend for tresses that look good enough to eat comes courtesy of the macaron.

‘Macaron hair’ is the latest twist on the rainbow color trend, comprising a sweet combination of pastel hues weaved together for a fairytale effect.

The style was pioneered by Las Vegas-based hairstylist Shelley Gregory of Atelier by Square, and was inspired by the quintessential Parisian patisserie and macaron maker Ladurée.

The summery shades of the classic French desert are replicated by weaving up to seven different shades through the hair, from pink and purple to pale green and silver.

“I went there a few years ago and I remember loving the color palette,” Gregory told Cosmopolitan. “Everything from the crown molding and the way they display the macarons — it sticks with you. It’s kind of like Disneyland, where it’s magic. I wanted that feeling when you look at this hair.”

Gregory has been posting various snaps of the concept on her Instagram feed, calling the look “yummy amazing hair.” Beauty followers have responded enthusiastically, taking to the social media platform to show off their take on the trend, either wearing their locks in a loose, wavy style, or braided up to show off the colors to their full effect.

It appears that 2015 will be remembered as the year pastel-hued hair finally went mainstream — Macaron hair is the latest in a long line of multicolored hair trends to have gone viral over the past 12 months, with popular styles including the celebrity-led ‘Rainbow hair’ look, and ‘Brony hair’, inspired by the 1980s TV franchise My Little Pony.

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