Make all political funding cashless and digital: Harsh

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Jammu Tawi, December 21
Responding to the repeated calls of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the nation to switch over to cashless economy, Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister today said that the process needs to be initiated by making all political funding digital. He said the slogans of digitizing India and ridding it of black money were no doubt full of glamour but why were the political parties hesitating in making a beginning? Asserting that charity begins at home, Singh said that Modi must make beginning form his own party by categorically announcing that BJP shall not receive any donations except by digital mode. He said that the very fount of corruption and black money in the country was political funding which needed to be addressed in the proper perspective.
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Harsh Dev Singh said that the rot began from non transparent manner in which money was used to fund political parties. He said that it was a universal truth that political parties particularly BJP and congress raised thousands of crores as donations around 85% of which was from unknown persons in denominations of less than Rs. 20,000 thus making a mockery of the anti corruption laws. He said that it was common practice among big parties including some regional parties to subdivide the unaccounted funds into units below Rs. 20,000 and claim anonymity for them. He regretted that no political party raised its voice against such fictitious donations with PM Narendra Modi also failing to respond to the repeated calls of Election Commission to reduce the cap of anonymous donations from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 2000.

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