Make friendly relations with neighbour

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti said that both the neighouring countries India and Pakistan should come forward and forget all their past enmity and works for the progress and development which will give benefits to both the nations in near future. Her vision for making J&K is the number one state across the country shows that how she is keen to take interest to end the enmity of both the nations and urged the central government to once again develop friendly relations with its counterpart. Already bitterness has cropped up in relations with neighbouring countries since the partition but there is a need to have collective efforts from the Centre and the state government, and the people of all three regions to settle all contentious issues. Her vision is great and will certainly give some positive response among the nationalists. As J&K is the crown of India and the crown will always remain here but there is an urgent need to take steps to improve the situation in J&K and work for its holistic development. If we talk of opening more routes for trade on borders, we need to have better relations with Pakistan.
As we talk about war all the times but on grounds the war is not a solution the relations with Pakistan need to be improved and we always read that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor will connect with Central Asia for trade. J&K is also centrally located and our country should also link it with an economic corridor. All routes should be opened. The people of the state were trapped in boundaries. There is a pilgrimage of the Sikh community in Pakistan and they (Sikhs) always ask me to open borders. Traders too want the opening of more routes for trade. When a product comes from Pakistan via the Wagha border, it costs us Rs 100 but if it comes via J&K it will cost Rs 10 only.

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