Make transport easy for girls in rural area

There is no relevance of much hyped ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ scheme.launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 22, 2015, when the girls students pursuing higher education from remote or border belt have no proper transport system to reach at their destination. In addition much fanfare is being made on all electronic and print media exhorting the people to save girl and give her equal opportunity like boys.
To cite an example , the schools and colleges going girls in Samba district particularly from border belt are facing hardship of transport and are forced to travel in jam packed Buses and Matadoors to reach at their destination. In addition, many times these female students miss the classes and are forced to return from Bus Stops due to overloading as they are unable to travel on roof tops of the buses or matadors.
Though this problems is generally common at all far flung areas but in Samba district the students of villages on border belts and other interior areas are worst affected where frequency of Matadors and Buses is very uncertain and less comparison to the strength of local passengers including school/college going boys and girls.
If local administration continues to ignore the problems of girls students despite approaching them at a number of times then the very purpose of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ scheme is defeated and would serve mere slogans on the wall.
The government should not only appreciate but encourage growing craze of education for girls particularly among the masses of rural background, residing in remote and border belt areas, sending their daughters to pursue higher education because they know that education is going to play important in their day to day life and more in the days to come.
The girl students have to board Buses or Matadoo to reach at their destination and generally majority of them come at Jammu or Samba to pursue higher education.
In addition, some parents are also sending their girls at elite schools which are mostly located on Jammu-Samba National Highway.
These young girls are forced to travel in jam packed vehicles with their books pack, adding their woes. What is disturbing that in this process, some unscrupulous youthss get opportunity to tease or harass them.
Overall traveling of young girls and females in jam packed vehicles not desirable as crime rate against women are increasing every day.
Due to that very reason, the parents of several girls hesitate to send their daughters at distance places to pursue their higher education thus forcing them to abandon their dream of further study
Local administration of district Samba should take all necessary steps to get hassle free education to girls.
The administration should either increase frequency of transport by increasing strength of vehicles probably coinciding with the timing of schools and colleges.
If possible Buses or Matadoors exclusively for girls students be deputed in larger interest of females students as this would definitely help to avoid further inconveniences to pursue their dream of higher

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