Making system pro-woman must

Rape of a medical practitioner in Unani Medical College(UMC) Srinagar by medical superintendent comes as a reminder of the reality that those in the top annals of administration and power do whatever pleases them just because the system in completely anti-women. It may be having one or two exceptions but by and large, women do not enjoy the kind of independence that they deserve in a parochial society like ours.
We have no courage to accept the wisdom and intellect of a female who comes out in open and questions the moral science we have taught her since childhood.
From being exploited by close relatives, friends and colleagues to being forced to dance to the tunes of some VIPs or VVIPs, women face the worst. The day she is born, family becomes the first body guard followed by relatives and friends. She is accompanied by a male to whichever place she goes. She is allowed to enjoy limited freedom and when she begins questioning the system, she is told to remain silent. We force her to live life in a cocoon.
She lives the way we want her to live. She dreams the way society finds it acceptable. She limits her friend circle, keeps the facebook profile hidden, refuses to engage with outside world the way a male does and above all, most of her decisions are still taken by her family.
This does not augur well. If the society and system, of which we are a part, does not support a female like the what they do for a male, not much is likely to change. She would continue to face monsters and criminals, right from the day she is born. Her future is not going to be one where independence would be a song. Life is going to remain tough for her.
You move hundreds of bills, pass thousands of Acts and increase the strength of women in police, not much is going to change. Let the society develop the courage to allow woman to decide what she wants and how she desires to live. Let us not decide her path.
Let her choose the path she wants to treat. A female should never feel that she is in any way weaker than a male.

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