Mamnoon addresses ‘Pakistan Day’ Parade, terms Kashmir ‘jugular vein’

March 23:Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain Wednesday reaffirmed the resolve to take the operation against terrorism to its logical conclusion.

Addressing the impressive ceremony of ‘Pakistan Day’ Parade in Islamabad, the President said the operation against terrorism has entered its final phase in North Waziristan and our destination is to end lawlessness and terrorism from all parts of the country.

He said the enemy will not be allowed to cast an evil on the country as its armed forces are fully equipped to foil their designs with iron hands.

He said Pakistan is a peace loving country and has contributed troops many times for the UN peacekeeping missions in different countries.  He said Pakistan will continue to play its role to free the world of the scourge of terrorism and conflicts.

The President said, “Kashmir is jugular vein of Pakistan and we want peaceful resolution of this longstanding dispute”. He reiterated that Pakistan will continue to extend moral, political and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people in their right to self-determination.

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