Man found hanging in his room in J&K

JAN 8: A suicide case from Channi Himmat sector 1 has been reported today. Aditya Anand, a 30 year old man who did his agricultural machinery business was found hanging in his room. His father while talking to media said that it was a shocking scene as Aditya had always been a tough person.

“Aditya went to his room to get some massage. He was alright that time. I didn’t meet him in the morning. He took our dog out for a walk and returned. I wanted to use his washroom so called him several times but he didn’t open his bedroom’s door. When we broke it, we found him hanging there. It was a little shocking for us because he was a hard nature person.” He said.

He further added that Aditya neither looked depressed nor shared anything with his anyone in the family.

This is third such case that has come forward from Jammu since 2021 has started and by far isn’t a great start.

People often forget that life itself is a beautiful gift by God. The more we love it, the happier we are. If anyone faces any problem be it mental, physical or social, he/she shouldn’t feel shy to share it with the close ones. Maybe, they would be a great help. We wish his soul to rest in peace and give condolences to the family.