Manoj Prabhakar completes advanced training in Legal Metrology at Japan

Feb 22: On the recommendation of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, Government of India, Manoj Prabhakar, Deputy Controller Legal Metrology from J&K has satisfactorily completed advanced training at Japan under the title ‘Social and Industrial Infrastruture in Legal Metrology in India”.
The one month long course was aimed to find out the measures to solve the constraints in the field of Legal Metrology system and to learn the strategies to improve viability of the organization in the native country to control legal metrology effectively.
The participants were made to understand the current situation in Japan about the basic Legal Metrology System and International Cooperation. A detailed programme including lectures and field visits in different regions of Japan was made to make them aware about the scientific measurement standards and advanced measurement technologies.
After the completion of the training, a detailed power point presentation on final report was made by Mr Prabhakar on behalf of enforcement officers of India to Japan Government highlighting learning in different advanced fields of metrological control and long term objective to implement the same in India for the development of society.
A post graduate in MBA, Mr Prabhakar secured Ist position in Basic Training Course in Legal Metrology at IILM Ranchi for which written appreciation was accorded to the officer at the start of his carrier and has been entrusted with responsibilities related to formulation of various rules for the protection of consumers. He has also made efforts in the past to educate consumers to understand their role by writing articles on standardization in measuring instruments, publication of consumer awareness advertisements in both print and electronic media including publication of hand booklets for the awareness of consumers.
Having vast experience in the field of Legal Metrology by attending number  of International Conferences on advancement in metrology including advanced training in PTB Germany six years before as “trainer for trainees “, the service of the officer was utilized effectively and was deputed to different regions of the country to share the knowledge and experience to new trainees by the Central Government in the past too.


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