Many youth leaders join National Congress

Many youth leaders belonging to various professions joined Nationalist Youth Congress (NYC).
Veteran leader Thakur Randhir Singh said that old generation is vanishing and 60% population of country are young men to be the next leaders, he asked the youth to unite wherever you are and which religion you belong and fight out against menace of corruption which has spread in all the fields
like a virus.
He said most of the politicians of the country and particularly in J&K are responsible for introducing corruption by themselves and encouraging their kith and kins, land mafia, contractors and corrupt bureaucracy
RS Billowaria, General secretary and spokesman of the party said that youth are the future of the country and you are most welcome to the youth wing of NCP which is being led by Rishi Kilam and let us unite to fight against land mafia which has been created by the politicians and expose such politicians and make block level committees to strengthen the youth wing of NCP in the state.

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