‘Maraz Cultural Academy’ formed in South Kashmir

Eminent authors, poets, artistes and journalists have come together to form the Maraz Cultural Academy, a platform to promote the rich culture, art and literature of the region. Distinguished educationist and author Prof GM Shad has been nominated as the patron of Maraz Cultural Academy. Eminent activist and journalist Bashir Assad has been nominated as the adhoc  president of the Academy

Artist  Writer Bashir  Andrabi  Ata Mohammed, S. Shakeel Ahmad and S. Tariq are the General Secretary, Treasurer, and Publicity Secretary of Maraz Cultural Academy respectively. The members of the Executive Committee are acclaimed poet and artiste  Bashir Dada, famous poet Iqbal Shaheed, director, writer and anchor Zafar Faroqe  Salati, Prof A. G Mir, author Farman Ali Rao, poet AB Wahid.

The decision to form the Maraz Cultural Academy was taken at a meeting held at Anantnag today. It was attended by a galaxy of authors, poets, artistes and journalists. Speaking at the meeting, Mr Zafar  Faroqe Salati  highlighted the need to form Maraz Cultural Academy.

Zafar said that south Kashmir is the land of great saints and poets. He expressed concern that unfortunately, there has been no platform which was inclusive in nature to encourage new talent. He pointed out that at the time when efforts are being initiated to provide a platform to new artistes and writers elsewhere, there is a dire need to have a vibrant platform available to the new generation in south Kashmir also.

While outlining the framework of the new body, Bashir Dada said that Maraz Cultural Academy will strive for promotion and recognition of new talent and Kashmiri youth, and preserve the region’s rich heritage. He said that required infrastructure would be put in place by the collective efforts of all the esteemed members of the Academy.

It was decided that the Academy would bring out its journal soon, carrying the literary and art works of the upcoming writers and artistes of the region. Concerted efforts will be made to revive the theatre art form in south Kashmir.

On the nomination of Bashir Assad as the adhoc president of the Academy, Dada said that the dynamic leadership qualities of Assad  and  experience  of Mr Zafar Salati  will help in rejuvenating the literary, art and cultural movement in the region. The first session of meeting was held at Prof Shad Sahib’s residence. Mr Shad sought the cooperation of all literary and cultural bodies in the region to come together and work collectively for this noble cause.

The writers and artistes present on the occasion included Bashir Assad, Zafar Salati, Iqbal Shaheed, Prof GA Mir, Rao Farman Ali, Shakeel Ahmad, Bashir Andrabi  Ata Mohammed, S. Tariq and others. They all resolved to strengthen the Maraz Cultural Academy and make it the real representative body of the rich cultural and literary tradition of south Kashmir.

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