Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Review

Nintendo is no stranger bringing characters from its varied universes together. We’ve seen this in every console generation with the Super Smash Bros. series, where Pikachu can square off against Mario, and Link from Legend of Zelda can trade blows with Luigi.

This time around, it extends the crossover to two subsets of the Mario franchise, Paper Mario, and Mario & Luigi. The former game sees everyone’s favourite plumber rendered in a gorgeous papercraft aesthetic as he sets off to save Princess Peach and perhaps the world as well. The latter game has Mario and his brother Luigi sharing the limelight as they try well…save Princess Peach, who after so many games spanning back decades, should really know better than to get kidnapped yet again.

Nonetheless, these themes persist in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, albeit with a twist. Characters from Paper Mario, complete with their origami stylings find themselves in the world of Mario & Luigi. Which means that Princess Peach and her two-dimensional, prone to crinkling equivalent, find themselves stolen away by arch-nemesis Bowser whose papery counter-part comes along for the ride. It’s an interesting premise that should lend itself to many a plot twist and side-quests. Except Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam never quite goes beyond the absolute mundane.

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