Matador operators violate norms with impunity, talk of paying ‘entry’ to remain unscathed

Nagender Jamwal
What is entry? One is forced to ask when one sees matador operators openly violating the norms and doing whatever pleases them on almost all the routes of Jammu city.
Is entry a reality or the matador operators just create stories to defame traffic police cops? If this is so, them one has to find reasons for the same. Traffic department is ignoring matadors in Jammu city. There is no check on traffic violations in Jammu city and Matador drivers continue to overload passengers, causing accidents.
The traffic police might be showing extra vigil towards the traffic violators, but the matadors are being ignored by the department. There is neither any check on the overloading in matadors, buses and autos.
Even the drivers and conductors of matadors are not adhering to State Government’s directive to wear uniform while carrying out their professional duties. No action whatsoever has been taken against them so far and they run away with impunity.
Transport Commissioner Mehraj Ahmad Kakroo issued two public notices asking the commercial drivers and conductors to wear uniform while carrying out their job in both the rural and urban areas of the State. However, the orders have not been followed in letter and spirit. Under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 (Section 177), it is mandatory for drivers and conductors of commercial vehicles to wear uniform while they are carrying out their professional obligations.
Formerly the drivers and conductors of commercial vehicles were asked to wear Khaki Shirts and Trousers while discharging their professional duties.
Sources in the transport department said that main purpose for invoking dress code for drivers and conductors is to establish a separate identity of drivers and conductors in case of accidents and in cases of harassment or misbehavior with the passengers.
However, people are unhappy over the implementation part of the public notices and say that these are not being followed by the drivers and conductors either of the long distance buses or matadors of Tata 407 make. They allege under a nexus between the Traffic Police Department and the drivers as well as conductors traffic rules are not being implemented in the State.
Meanwhile, most of these vehicles are driven by “inexperienced teenagers”, putting the lives of passengers and commuters on the
road in danger.
But despite all this, no serious initiative has been taken by the authorities concerned to curb the menace. Problem is greater within the areas like Shastri Nagar, Nanak Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, Kacchi Chawani and Trikuta Nagar where roads are not that wide.
The Traffic Police Department failed to take strict action against the erring drivers, who continue to play with the lives of passengers. The situation is turning worse by the day as no initiatives have been taken by the authorities to check whether the drivers are holding valid licenses or not.
Mohan, vendor at Jewel Chowk said, “At ever busy Jewel chowk, there is a race among drivers of Matadors plying on different routes to pick up as many passengers as they can.
All this happens right under the nose of the Traffic Police officials.” Jatinder Khajuria, General Secretary, Mini Bus Workers’ Union, Jammu Province said that there are some drivers who do not wear uniform.
“All the drivers obey all the rules and regulations.
There is no driver less than 20 years of age in the union. Inspector General of Police (IGP) Traffic Jammu Viplav Kumar could not be

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