Media-XI elects new body Re-elects Mir Imran as captain; Yash Khajuria Vice Captain

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Jammu Tawi, December 30
Expressing absolute conviction in the illustrious leadership of its Captain, Media-XI Cricket Club re-voted Mir Imran for the coveted position for second successive term for the session 2017-18 in the annual elections for various designations of the Media-XI Cricket club on Thursday here at Press Club Jammu.
The elections were held for the posts of captain, Vice Captain, executive committee of the Team in which, among sixteen registered members, fourteen exercised their vote through secret ballot to elect new body of the Media XI Cricket Club.
With each member having two votes to elect Captain and Vice Captain, Mir Imran secured 23 votes and was elected Captain in an almost unanimous choice of the Team members while Yash Khajuria was the only other member who got 5 votes in an open for all
Consequently Yash Khajuria was elected as Vice Captain securing 13 votes against Vivek Suri 8, Rahul Khatri 6 and Jagdeep Singh
secured 1 vote.
For the posts of executive committee members, Rahul Khatri got all 14 votes in his favour, while Vivek Suri, Amit Kumar and Ashu Mehra got 13 votes respectively, Sunil Dutt Bali 12 and Jagdeep Singh 10 votes respectively. Iliyas Malik was elected as committee member after toss as it was a tie for the position between him and Pardeep Singh Bali.
Advocate Altaf Hussain Janjua was Presiding Officer while Sachin Singh and Ajay Raina acted as Assistant Presiding Officers for the election. Later, Captain Mir Imran with the consent of the newly elected body and Team members of Media XI Cricket club nominated Sachin Singh as Team Manager, Ajay Raina as Coordinator and Advocate Altaf Hussain Janjua as Legal Advisor of the team for the session 2017-18.
The Newly elected body expressed gratitude to the managing committee of Press Club Jammu for providing meeting hall for the election
Media-XI members present on the occasion included Mir Imran, Vivek Suri, Jagdeep Singh, Yash Khajuria, Pardeep Singh Bali, Sohan Karlupia, Ashu Kumar, Rahul Khatri, Ilyas Malik, Sunil Dutt Bali, Amit Kumar, Sachin Singh, Ajay Raina and Advocate Altaf Hussain Janjua.

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