Mehbooba, you are blessed!

Dear Editor,

I wish Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti all the blessings of Almighty. Right from the day she has taken charge of the coalition government, people are keenly watching her activities. Through her good deeds, people are becoming her admirers. Her eloquent speeches and bold decisions have made her most elevated. Her rectitude to truth and straightforwardness has made her “one, but a lioness’”.

She is the future of J & K and she has to serve the people for a very long period. She is  requested to keep yourself abreast of the developments taking at the grass root level and ensure that the government officers work as ‘servants’ of people and not as ‘khadims’ of any ruling party member. Transparency in the administrative decisions is pivotal for justice to the common people. Administrative heads should desist from depriving the people from voicing their concerns.

People hope that there will be space but a little for corrupt and unscrupulous elements who grow along with their kith and kin in the ‘green pastures of corruption’. There are a number of   leaders in her party who are not happy with her functioning as she is only stumbling block in their nefarious designs of corruption, nepotism and hooliganism.

Opposition parties may not be able to harm your reputation as they are badly beaten and there is total disarray in their rank and file. Your good deeds may get washed away by those corrupt and so called leaders of your party who are out to amass wealth and fortune for themselves, for their kith and kin and for their ‘dedicated’ workers. These people are under some misconception and they should be taught an unforgettable lesson.


Kanwerpreet Singh

Digiana, Jammu


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