‘Memories of Forgotten War’ documents memories of 29 World War II Veterans

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Mumbai, November 25
In the ‘Meet the Directors of Indian Panorama series, Non-Feature filmmakers, UtpalBorpujari of “Memories of Forgotten War”, Umesh Mohan Bagade, Director of Film ‘Chaukat’ (‘Frames’) and Niranjan Kumar Kujur Director of ‘Edpa Kana’, met the press here in Goa today.
Interacting with media UtpalBorpujari, Director of ‘Memories of a Forgotten war’ said that the film is a documentary about the memories of people from the states of Nagaland and Manipur, who fought and witnessed the World War II. This film is based on war, yet is an anti-war film, as it shows that even the soldiers have feelings for their enemies and were just fighting on orders, and not for their personal reasons.
The crew of the film interviewed 29 war veterans across the globe and it was quite a tough task because most of the soldiers from the war had passed away or were not in a condition to talk. Further the Director added that the youngest interviewee was 92 year old and the oldest was 96.
Talking about the bombings in Nagaland and Manipur during the World War II, he added that the people were simply the victims of circumstances, while they had no connection with the cause of the war.
UtpalBorpujari wrote extensively on areas like culture, literature and politics, before turning a scriptwriter and filmmaker.
Director of the film ‘Chaukat’, Umesh Mohan Bagade while addressing the media said that his film is all about Human values and the mind-set of humans bound itself in the shackles of traditions and beliefs. His film show that a woman, who earlier refrains herself from feeding the nomad because of the prayers she had to offer, later on realises that the nomad needs the food rather than the deity to whom she was offering the food in first place.
Umesh Mohan Bagade has worked on 5 short film projects, 20 TVC projects as a writer and director.
Umesh Mohan Bagade’s current profile mostly revolves around concept writing, direction and the beauty of conveying a story through audio-visuals.
Interacting with media ShriNiranjan Kumar Kujur, the Director of ‘”Edpa Kana” Said his film portrays a very common issue of various states. He said that the story of his film revolves around the issue of casteism and religion conversions, sensitive topics to deal with. Belonging to a tribal community and observing these issues closely in tribal as well as mainstream civilizations, he made a film upon it, describing the dilemma of people going through such issues. The film is based on a true love story, where the couple are from same tribe and different religions, trying to convert each other.
Edpa Kana is about Ashok, the main protagonist who is caught between the dual realities of orthodox village life and his progressive city life as he struggles to speak his mind.
Niranjan Kumar Kujur graduated in Cinema with a diploma in Direction and Screenplay Writing from SRFT Institute, Kolkata.

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