Men in suits: Dress to impress with our ultimate suit guide

When it comes to looking sharp and smart, nothing beats the suited-up look. However, guys often ­overlook small, little details when it comes to pulling off the look with a finesse. Fear not, we bring you some key details to keep in mind while wearing the suit. After all, wearing a suit is an art every man must master.

If you want to go for an old school vintage look, opt for broad lapels. However, if you want a more modern look then choose a thin lapel. Your lapels should ideally match the proportion of your chest and shoulders. And your tie and lapel width should be ­congruent.

Always remember that a lapel is measured perpendicular to the roll line at its widest point, whereas the tie is measured straight across at its widest point. The distance between the lapel and the tie should be exactly 2.5cm.

If you decide to opt for a casual look. Then opt for single peak lapel jacket. Make sure that length of the jacket falls up to 3cm below your belt and not beyond that. Stick to dark colours such as dark blue or black charcoal.

Without a pocket square, your suit is incomplete. The rule of wearing a pocket square is that it should not match the colour of your tie, its ­pattern or the fabric. It is one thing in your suit where you can experiment.

A well-fitted shoulder lies flat. The seam on top of the shoulder should be the same length as the bone under it, and should meet the sleeve of the suit right where your arm meets your shoulder.

They prevent the jacket from bunching and constricting the body while seated. Double vents give easier access to trouser ­pockets, and negates excess fabric gathering and pulling as you dig your hands into the pockets.

Make sure your belt is thin and the colour matches the shoe colour. While opting for shoes always opt for sleek leather shoes with the colour matching that of the suit.

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