Men or Women Phobia

The women are excelling in every field. In fact they are leading in most of the fields in society. But still they need empowerment and more positive discriminations. In this regard the one strong step towards the empowerment of women is new act. The new Act of The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (PREVENTION, PROHIBITION and REDRESSAL) Act, 2013 have brought new sense of security to women and the rise in registration of cases against powerful and high profile personality have proved that the law is actually applicable on ground. The definition rape, acid throwing, dowry killings, Voyeurism, Act with intent to disrobe a woman, forced prostitution of young girls and any sort of harassment have been changed in new law and also the law contains the maximum punishment as well.
It may be regarded that the women folk in the society is struggling to get their basic rights since time immemorial.
Many laws and acts were brought into, but nothing helped women to empower. May be the term Empowerment is getting changed with the passage of time from equal opportunity to same sex marriages.
The question arises why they are not getting their rights, despite government efforts. Why women are not empowered? In the name of empowerment they are just getting sympathy and tagged of “Bachere Aurat” (innocent women folk) while as they don’t need any empowerment, feminism programmer and seminars.
Almighty has given the women royalty over man. They don’t need to prove anything to contemporary patriarch society. With this trend, the women have also become dependent on men and actually had forgotten their actual existence.
The men is not the only owner of scarifies and strength. The history is witness that women own these attributes from ancient times. Then what happens in modern times where women despite being educated are being subjugated to undue harassment and has to struggle for rights.
No doubt that there are some cases of violence on women which cannot be justified. The new Act of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (PREVENTION, PROHIBITION and REDRESSAL) Act, 2013 is one of the steps towards stopping any crime against the women. This is creating fraction between the two folks. The law is risking the whole male folk for few black sheep’s which is becoming the cause of confrontations between the male and female. The question arises will this law will help the women or it will lead many other new issues and add to the suffering s of the common woman. What if some women
miss uses it?.
In contemporary society, the traditional male society is feeling insecure with increasing achievements of women. The male society is becoming envy of female folk, which asks nothing more than just basic right. The society at present is marred with male, female phobia, wherein gender discrimination has become a word of the day. The men criticizes new policies meant for women empowerment, while as women criticizes male dominated society for not giving them proper space.

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