Mendhar Tehsil roads in bad condition

Due to paying little attention on the part of Public Works Department (PWD) on carrying out repair and maintenance works, a majority of the roads in Mendar Tehsil of Poonch District have suffered heavy damage and require immediate repairs.

Particular roads of Bhimbar Gali, Addi, Harni Kasladi, Surankote and leading to Poonch are in dilapidated condition as a result the locals are facing hardship.

The drivers Mohd Salim and Mohd Mushtaq while sharing their concern, said that the roads are riddled with potholes, leaving the motorist and drivers of vehicles to face difficulties. As potholes remain unattended for months together in many busy stretches, they have turned out to be death traps for motorist.

The locals as well as shopkeepers have also expressed great resentment over bad condition of road passing through main bazaar.

The shopkeepers – Vinod Dutta, Rajiv Sharma, Satpal Bhatia, Vikas Sahni, Vishal Bhasin, Ajay Gupta, Mohd Salim, Bahu Singh, Harjit Singh, Roshan Sharma and Amit Sharma – said that the road in their locality has not witnessed any repair for last five months, they have turned out to be a death traps for accidents.

They lamented that despite approaching Tehsil administration, no official of PWD came to attend their complained.

They demanded from district administration for immediate carrying out repair of the roads.

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