Merge Municipal Corporations of Delhi

Dear Editor,
Joint session of three Municipal Corporations in Delhi (MCD) held on 09.06.2016 at Ramlila Maidaan (Delhi) establishes beyond doubt necessity of merging three civic bodies which will not only induce uniformity in their working but also will reduce overheads. Rather to avoid multiplicity of authorities in Delhi, concept of having civic bodies can even be avoided by handing over their functions and responsibilities to legislative-assembly after increasing its strength. It may be recalled that out of 3 MCDs, only South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) opposed handing over pension-schemes to Delhi Government with Central Information Commission (CIC) detecting major flaw in pension-distribution against norms by North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC).
Even if three civic bodies are to be retained, then there may be just two civic bodies one for trans-Yamuna and other for rest of the city because needs and problems of trans-Yamuna area are certainly different. Rather declassification of constituencies for Lok Sabha and state legislative assembly should be done in a manner that trans-Yamuna area may have two exclusive Lok Sabha constituencies with no other part of other side of Yamuna covered by these.
Rest of the city can then be distributed amongst remaining five Lok Sabha constituencies. However happenings in joint session of beating a corporator by other corporators were indeed unfortunate recalling earlier such incidents in some state legislative-assemblies. It is regretted that bitterness in political system in India has lowered to such low.
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba Delhi 110006 (India)

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