Middle school Mah (Upper), is on the bubble situation Inaugurated in 1982, the school building has turned into shambles

On one hand, the Central and State Governments are sponsoring several schemes to uplift the face structure of school education in the state, but on the other hand, it is a fact that these schemes are slipping below the radar.

The condition of schools is little-bit better in the city areas but the other side of coin shows that the infrastructure is in worse situations in rural areas. The Middle school situated in nearby village of ‘Mah (Upper)’ is an example of it. For villagers the school is a cause of disagreement.

The Sarpanch of village Angrez Chand said that school is a bolt from the blue. He told that in order to promote education in the village a primary school was set up in year 1982. At one time, the strength of the school has gone up to 150 students. Now due to the lack of facilities the number has come to 17.

Miffed over the attitude of the education department, Sandeep Kumar said that in name of school building, there are shambles. As far as building is concerned, it is a blot on the landscape. There are three rooms. One is in use of Headmaster’s and staff room. Regarding the other two rooms, they need acute repair. Many a time school management has to conduct classes in open and during rainy season, the students are compelled to return to their homes.

There is lack of toilet facility too, which enhance other problem for the children’s, specially the girls. The kids are not safe, as the school is not having boundary wall, said Babu ram. “Moreover, a high voltage electric transformer established in the school premises is a high risk for the children,” he rued.

There are hardly any desks in the school and children are supposed to sit on the floor, even in the winters. The nature of infrastructure in school is a major hindrance for children who want to get an education, the parent Karan Kumar added.

It is highly unlikely that the students get any proper education in the lack of infrastructural and other facilities in schools. “This is something that needs to be addressed, or else we will have another generation with no prospects”, says Balak Ram.

Parent of children, Kuldeep Kumar said that though the government has started Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) and many others, the scheme’s has been a total failure as far as the school of their village is concerned. There is lack of dozens of facilities”, says one concerned parent Kuldeep Kumar.

Regarding this teacher in-charge, said that deficiency of facilities in the school is the acute problem and she is making efforts with body and soul to run the school. Many a time she has asked the officials to get repairing of the two classrooms. Regarding the boundary wall, toilet, drinking water facilities also she had submitted applications to ZEO thrice, but all in vain.

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