MIER College celebrates “Earth Day” with great enthusiasm

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Jammu Tawi, April 27
The Earth Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the Environment Unit of MIER College by conducting the cleanliness drive and laying down a process of “Waste Management” in the college. A group of 50 student members of the Environment Unit participated in the cleanliness campaign. The students cleaned the campus including the garden of the college by disposing non- biodegradable garbage and de-weeding. They also dug a big pit at the back ground of the campus and put all the dry leaves and weeds collected by cleaning the garden for composting and started the process of preparing organic manure. They also watered the plants which they had planted during 1st semester and nurtured these with great care. The students felt connected with Mother Nature by these hands-on experiences.
Dr. Monika Bajaj, Incharge Environment Unit comprehensively deliberated on the issues related to waste management and threw light on the waste disposal strategies such as segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, recycling, composting and use of municipal bins for the household garbage. She also encouraged the students to apply these strategies in their real life.

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