Militants were present in area for 2-3 months: Police

One to two terrorists are suspected of hiding in the Charmed forest near Dera Ki Gali in Poonch district. These terrorists have been in this area for the last two to three months. The sound of gunshots was also heard in the forest around 2 pm on Tuesday. It is suspected that terrorists are hiding here. In search of terrorists, security forces are conducting search operations in areas like Dera Ki Gali, Charmed, Bhangai etc. They have been confined to a particular place. High officials of the army and police are present in the area.

The terrorists hiding in the forest had ambushed the security force personnel on Monday. These jawans had left for the search operation after getting information about the hiding of terrorists in the woods. In this attack, five soldiers, including the Naib Subedar, were martyred. Since then, a search operation is being conducted covering an area of ​​about seven square kilometres. Army and police officials claim that the terrorists will be killed soon.

Security forces are getting information about the presence of three to four terrorists in the forest. Sources say that one to two local terrorists can also be present in this terrorist team and are related to the Ghaznavi force. If there is a local terrorist in this team, it can be a big alarm bell for the area. The region has been a hotbed of terror. This area is on Mughal Road, and within a few hours, one can enter the Kashmir Valley.

Drones are being monitored round the clock in search of terrorists in the vicinity of Dera ki Gali. Drones are being flown continuously by the army, even in dense forests. To eliminate the terrorists, the military has also dropped its para commandos to end the operation as soon as possible. These commandos are equipped with state-of-the-art weapons.