Minister goes above board, divides cardiology deptt

Bharti Jasrotia

Minister of health and medical education seems to have taken over the functioning of government medical college and super speciality hospital Jammu.

From issuing circulars to distributing beds in the department the medical education minister has been doing everything. It seems he trusts no one and intends to do everything on his own. The principal of the Government Medical College and Super Speciality Hospital   Dr Zahid Gilani has been reduced to a postman from being the administrator of the hospital. He has been dancing on the tunes to the tunes of the health and medical education Minister Bali Bhagat, said the sources.

They added that Gilani virtually harasses Doctors when it comes to implementing the orders verbally issued by those sitting at the top. Source further said that Gilani neither looks left nor right in enforcing even wrong and administratively unwise orders issued from the civil secretariat. Sources disclosed that cardiology department is the primary target of health and medical education minister.

To ensure that a particular doctor office community who has several allegations against him gets some work to do, he divided the cardiology department into two units in complete contraventions of all the rules and norms. He followed this up by forcing the head of cardiology department to divide even the beds of the ICU, CCU, and general wards. Such was desperation to rehabilitate his favourites that the minister for health did not bother to even once consult HOD and seek his opinion.

He pushed the controversial Dr Zahid Gilani on the chair and ensured that the sweet will of his favourite doctors is taken care of. Minister for health and medical education may be an honest man but whatever is happening on the ground clearly indicates that community sentiments are far superior to interest of the medical community. It is not the patients that are the prime concern of the health and medical education minister but the doctors belonging to the community that this minister represents, said a top official of health department.

He maintained that the new minister would bring tremendous change in the system but he did nothing and in now virtually on course to force a doctor of international repute to abandon Jammu and join a noted private institution of the country. If this happens, all credit would go to the health and medical education minister.


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