Minors flout traffic norms, drive two wheelers with impunity

Jasleen Kour
W ith the state government in general and regional transport officer in particular have claimed to make traffic norms more stringent, the minors in Jammu, especially school students are flouting these norms with impunity.
Students continue to ride two wheelers, despite the orders from the government that schools should not allow them to drive two wheelers. Many young children go to school by motorbike or Scotty by putting their life in danger. These children are not mature enough to ride the two wheelers but still parents and school administration allow them to ride.
It has been seen that the students of private schools are riding two wheelers rampantly.
Talking to Newspoint, St. Peter’s High School Principal, Fr. Thomas Niravathu said, “Parents should not allow students to go to school on two wheelers. Whenever, I find any student riding two wheelers outside the school, I call them personally and take there vehicle.” “Many a times I have caught them and only release their vehicle after warning,” Principal added.
Many a times they makeexcuses that they have to go tuitions. “School cannot take any action against the students when they are found riding two wheelers outside the school premises,” Thomas said. “It is my routine to go school by Scotty as on bus it consumes more time and I get late for tuitions,” Jasmine said, one of school going student.
If any minor student meets an accident, the person on whose name the vehicle is registered shall be punished as per law. “The school bus cannot reach every hook and corner of the city, so students come by Scotty or cycle”, said AP Sharma, Principal SOS Hermann Gmeiner School. According to the sources, SOS school has special parking slot for the students. It is pertinent to mention here that according to provision 1 in section 4 of the motor vehicles act, no people under the age of 18 years shall drive a motor vehicle in any public place. Provided that a motorcycle with engine capacity not exceeding 50cc may be driven in a public place by a person after attaining the age of 16 years.
“Parents are the one who are putting life of their children in danger by giving them two wheelers in small age. How many times we can stop them, school and parents should jointly take any step to put a stop on riding of two wheelers by minor student,” said senior officer of traffic department.

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