Mitigating Air Pollution Reduces CVD Burden: Dr. Sushil Sharma

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Jammu Tawi, April 23
Continuing to identify factors that are critically important for the onset of Cardiovascular Diseases Dr. Sushil today held a day long camp at Shri Vishwakarma Mandir, New Plot in the heart of the Jammu city to sensitize the common populace about the ill effects of growing pollution in our cities on heart environs so that those who are most vulnerable can be protected. He particularly stressed the strong note of caution for elderly and children. More than 500 patients were screened, evaluated and advised for prevention of cardiovascular diseases during the camp. While addressing the gathering, Dr. Sushil recognized increase in air pollution as an important and modifiable determinant of cardiovascular disease in urban communities. Even brief exposures to air pollution have been associated with marked increases in cardiovascular-related morbidity and deaths from myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia, and heart failure. In developed nations, major improvements in air quality have occurred over the last 50 years, yet the association between air pollution and mortality is still evident, even when pollution levels are below current national and international targets for air quality. But ironically no major stride has been made in the developing countries to control the incidence of air pollution, he added.
Still the major cause of concern in the city like Jammu is traffic-derived pollution intensifying CVD load. So to start with an increased understanding of the mediators and mechanisms of these processes is necessary if we are to develop strategies to protect individuals at risk and reduce the effect of air pollution on cardiovascular disease, he added.
Management committee of the Pardesh Vishwakarma Sabha (J&K) Shashi Verma (president), Charanjeet Chadgotra, Raman Chalotra, Joginder Pal, Lal Chand and Puran Chadgotra appreciated the commendable social service of Dr Sushil and his team for conducting cardiac awareness camp and hoped that the team will extend same cooperation in the future also.
The team of doctors and volunteers who contributed in this effort includes Dr. Dhaneshwar Kapoor, Dr Anitipal Singh, Dr Chakshu Mahajan and several others were present at the occasion.

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