MLA Mendhar urges govt for rehabilitation of LoC villagers

With heavy mortar shelling on civilian population along the Line of Control (LoC) in Mendhar refusing to abate, Javed Ahmed Rana, MLA Mendhar today expressed grave concerns over the security of innocent lives and urged both the countries to arrive at some sort of truce on LoC for the sake of innocent lives.
Citing increasing fatalities to civilian population amid total absence of any rehabilitation plans for most vulnerable villages along the LoC, Rana also urged the State government to put in place a contingency plan for rehabilitation of civilians caught in the line of fire from across the LoC.
Bassoni, Dharana, Gholad, among others, are the most
vulnerable villages badly hit by mortar shelling, making them virtual concentration camps for the innocent civilians.
The MLA, who rushed to the affected areas the other day, has pleaded for immediate cessation of shelling and favoured immediate ceasefire to end brutality along the LoC.
“The peace loving people of Pir Panjal Region especially those living along the LoC have already suffered a lot as a result of hostile relations between the two countries”, he said while calling for ceasefire and immediate end to the assault on poor villagers.
Rana abhorred the fact that no one from the State government has bothered to visit the affected areas.

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