MLAs fighting for enhancement of their own salaries inside Assembly: Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena (Bala Sahib Thackeray) State Chief Dimpy Kohli today instructed the elected MLA’s to concentrate their energy in solving public issues rather to fight only for the enhancement of their salaries.
In a meeting of office bearers of the party, Dimpy Kohli along with GI Singh, Sandeep Bhagat, Rajan Gupta, Raj Singh, Narinder Dev Chunni alleged that MLAs of various political parties were fighting for enhancement of their own salaries and perks inside the Legislative Assembly rather than projecting the concerns of the general public. He said that the state was passing through a worst ever phase of mis-governance with different sections of society agitating on the streets but their voice hardly found any echo inside the Assembly hall.
He said already MLAs are getting sufficient amount of perks but they are again and again raising their voice for the enhancement of their salaries making mockery of the mandate which people have given them for the welfare of general masses.
He said that regular protests on the issue of power supply and water crisis had fallen deaf ears with no takers for the same in Assembly.

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