Mobile App for e-filing of returns

Income tax returns e-filing website ClearTax said it has launched mobile application ‘TaxCloud’ to make the process of e-filing of returns more easier.
“ClearTax recently launched the TaxCloud mobile application for CA firms. The tax cloud platform hits a key milestone of over 10,000 CA firms across India this November,” ClearTax said.
With the application, CAs will have the convenience of accessing the filing status of their clients anytime, anywhere, as it allows them to review their clients’ due tax amount, filing history, status as well as dispense appropriate financial advice directly from their mobile device.
“ClearTax was incepted with the aim of simplifying the entire process of tax returns filing through technology.
“TaxCloud will allow CAs fingertip access to their databases, allowing them to be efficient, timely and accurate with their tax returns advices,” said ClearTax Founder and CEO Archit Gupta.
The web application is completely cloud-based while the TaxCloud mobile app is available exclusively on Android through Google Play Store.
In addition to TaxCloud, ClearTax also has partnerships and tie-ups with various banks and corporate businesses to further ease the tax returns filing for individuals and businesses.

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