Modi has converted entire country into ‘fakiri’: Mayawati

Lucknow, December 6
Alleging that Prime Minister Narendra Modi by his dictatorial attitude on demonetisation has converted the whole country into ‘ fakiri’, the Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati today warned the people of Uttar Pradesh and asked them to keep a distance from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the 2017 assembly polls.
The BJP can ruin their future by the party’s agenda on Kashi Vishwanath and Krishna Janmabhoomi and the aftermath of Rohit Vemula and Una episode against the Dalits, Ms Mayawati said while addressing a big function at the DR BR Ambedkar Samajik and Parivartan Sthal on the 61st death anniversary of Constitution architect Dr BR Ambedkar here.
“The present BJP Government and their master RSS want to change the Constitution of the country on Hindutava agenda from the present Secular structure made by Baba Saheb Ambedkar. Besides, there is a conspiracy to end the reservation given to Dalits and the backwards,” she said. She also warned the Muslims about a conspiracy hatched by the Samajwadi Party and others to confuse them in the coming elections.
Though the meeting was called to pay tributes to Dr Ambedkar, it turned out to be a complete political one with Ms Mayawati announcing the works to be done once BSP gets full majority in the UP elections.
“Rule of law would be established in the state, while the criminals will be in the jail. My Government will order probe in all the big projects done in this SP regime and how advertisements were doled out violating all norms. People who could not file FIRs in this regime would be allowed to do so while the goons who had grabbed the lands of Dalits and others would be given back,” she announced and added that her Government will rule as per the ‘Sarvajan Hitaya, Srvajan Sukhaya’ ideology.
In an over 80-minute-long speech, Ms Mayawati attacked Mr Modi for his ‘fakir’ (wanderer) statement saying, “This person can go to any extent to woo voters. Now he is trying to change his personality as a fakir when he had forced the entire country in converting into a fakir after the demonetisation move. The move of the demonetisation was an effort to divert the attention of the people during the 2017 assembly polls in five states.” “The people of the state have to know the conspiracy hatched by the BJP, as they could go to any extent to damage the secular structure of the country and convert it into a Hindu nation. Besides their agenda on Kashi Vishwanath temple and the Shree Krishna Janmabhoomi is also not a secret after their Ayodhya demolition while it is open to public on their atrocities against the Dalits after Rohit Vemula and Una episode,” she alleged.
She said Mr Modi was always anti-Dalit and his stint as the CM of Gujarat has given enough evidence on his mindset. The BSP president also disclosed that as the BJP and the RSS did not like Dr Ambedkar, hence they had demolished the Ayodhya structure only on December 6 just to make people remember their misdeed and not the anniversary of a great leader.
Attributing the greatness of Dr Ambedkar, she said due to the Article 340 of the Constitution, which was included by Baba Saheb, of defining the ‘sudras’ and ‘ati-sudras’, the Mandal Commission was formed and its report was implemented by the V P Singh government due to which the backwards got reservation and they came in the political system. Ms Mayawati said Congress had always hated Dr Ambedkar and now BJP was following their ideology so that the Dalits cannot get the master-key of the power. “But to get our demands met we have to get the master-key of power by winning the UP elections and then claim our stake at the Centre,” she said while adding that the coming UP elections would be a crucial one but the Muslims, Dalits, backwards, religious minorities and Sarva Samaj should support the BSP so that the conspiracy of vested forces was prevented.

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