Modi poorer than many of his Union Cabinet colleagues

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is still among the poorest of his colleagues in the Union Cabinet, according to a report. The Prime Minister gets Rs 12.35 lakh as royalties from books written by and about him, as per the declaration made by him regarding his assets and liabilities in the 2015-16 financial year.
The figures obtained from the website of the Prime Minister’s Office reveal that he has Rs 89,700 in cash as of March 2016, up from Rs 4,500 last year.
Based on the latest figures, it is clear that Modi is poorer than many of his colleagues in the Cabinet. While PM Modi has around Rs 2.10 lakh in his savings bank account in Gandhinagar, a fixed deposit at the same bank shows an amount of over Rs 50 lakhs, said a report in the Indian Express.
PM Modi also owns four gold rings worth Rs 1.27 lakh. After including the royalties which he gets from books, the gross total value of his movable assets come around Rs 73.36 lakh.
The only immovable asset PM Modi owns is a residential apartment in Gandhinagar worth Rs 1 crore, unchanged from
last year.

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