Month long Theatre Workshop concluded

Natraj Natya Kunj, Cultural Society, Jammu today concluded month long production oriented Theatre workshop and interaction sessions here at Studio Ranglok, Bakshi Nagar.
In this workshop participants were given guidance about Theatre Ethics, Theatre Idioms and creation of visuals. Financial assistance for this workshop was provided by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art Culture and Languages Jammu.
With the support of Cultural Academy, Natraj Natya Kunj provided a platform to young energetic youth of Jammu who wanted to earn knowledge of Theatre. Experts from different fields also interacted with students and delivered their lecture, demonstrations and shared their experience with the young aspirants which they have earned in their life. Vetran writer and director Kumar A ‘Bharti’ teached the basic principles of play writing, Dr Sudhir Mahajan, Senior Drama Instructor JKAACL interacted on the topic of “Theatre of roots and modern sensibilities”, during his lecture he said that our regional Culture should be preserved and it is high time that we should be serious about our roots. Students of Natraj Natya Kunj also visited Dansal and met Folk artist Dhani Ram and their team who are doing folk theatre Haran, students interacted with them on the topic “How Rural Theatre is different from Urban Theatre,” Ashok Sharma senior Journalist of Jammu delivered lecture on “Importance of Journalism And Mass Media in Theatre”, Abhishek Bharti Ph.d Scholar from Department of Indian Theatre, Punjab University, Chandigarh gave demonstrations about Physical Theatre.
Dushyant Kumar an alumni of National School of Drama shared with the students about the Directorial Process in modern Theatre, his topic was “Should Director be interpretive rather be a creative Artist”, Jagdeep Singh alumni of Indian Theatre Department interacted on the topic of “Acting technique in folk Theatre” and stressed on the importance of folk theatre and said that young generation must know their roots, our rituals and our rich Cultural Heritage.
Pawan Bhardwaj who came from Haryana to teach the students on technical aspects of theatre, he shared with students “the principle and elements of modern day lighting” and how the technique had changed from candle light Theatre to modern day intelligent lights.
In this month long theatre workshop a comedy satire play named “The Government Inspector” was also prepared. The play is originally written by Russian Writer Nicolai Gogol and is adapted in Hindustani by Kumar A ‘Bharti’ and directed by Abhishek Bharti. The show of this Play is on July 17, 2016 at Abhinav Theatre Jammu.

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