Mufti’s mission is coming alive as a source of hope and touch-stone for resolution: Madni

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Srinagar, April 17

People’s Democratic Party Vice President Mohammad Sartaj Madni has emphasized the need to embark together in people’s journey and quest for honour, peace and dignity by committing to the avowed mission of peace anchored by Party’s mentor Mufti Mohammad Sayeed.

Addressing an impressive party rally at Watihal, Qazigund Madni pledged recourse to the noble mission which he said offers a tested remedy to the ills and problems dogging the state ever since partition.

Madni said he foresees a defining movement for the long haul of miseries and mayhem to end very soon and people in general and party cadre in particular would need to recall services and struggle of the visionary leader.

Madni said memories are fresh with the masses when in 1999 before the formation of PDP, Kashmir was marooned deep in its own blood. Those were the dark days as the people of the state were suffering from feeling of helplessness, strong alienation, cynical aloofness and complete lack of faith in democratic political process. The arms of state were seen ruthlessly suppressing the people’s yearning of even a minimum decent civil behaviour and understanding of their plight. Worst was witnessed in Indo-Pak hostility, particularly after Kargil war.

Madni said it is in such a prevailing atmosphere of disgust that Mufti Mohammad Sayeed discerned the imperative of history who brought in play his wisdom, experience and feelings to espouse the cause for peace process, dialogue and reconciliation through participatory political process and judicious restraint by all the combating forces.

Madni said no one can deny results yielded by Mufti’s passionate campaign and his success in salvaging the self respect of the people and in repairing the damaged psyche. While he brought a complete turnaround from 2002 to 2005 as head of the state Government, fortunately the leadership of India and Pakistan also valued his vision. Series of measures from opening of roads to people to people dialogue witnessed a dramatic and momentous change in the political scenario. The calm at borders was reflective of bonhomie in which all hostilities were fading. PDP played a crucial role under Mufti’s leadership in this enterprise.

Madni said, as ill luck would have it soon after Kashmir had reached a threshold of far reaching consequence, some local politicians got Mufti tenure scuttled. State receded back into crisis thereafter. However, Mufti remained devoted to his mission and continued to play the role of a whistle blower for recognizing Kashmir as a painful issue to be resolved with respect for people with a proud and distinct cultural identity.

Madni said PDP’s alliance with BJP in 2014 emanated from his urge and hope in country’s collective conscience and strength to resolve Kashmir issue. PDP president Mehbooba Mufti took up the responsibility in his departure with similar devotion and faith. He said that it is unfortunate that some developments in the region changed the focus and the expected process was put on back-burner. The old mind-set re-emerged at the peril of the state’s people. Kashmir appeared to many as an issue on table either as a security topic, a basket case or a law and order problem despite her pleadings against. She warned New Delhi and Islamabad long before the re-emergence of deadly violence about the complacency of New Delhi and Islamabad. She unequivocally expressed her view that Kashmir case cannot be controlled through intelligence memos, economic doles and crowd control methods. She tried a reach out for Indo-Pak amity and reconciliation at local level.

Madni was accompanied by Naeem Akhtar, Minister for Public Works. Akhtar who also addressed the gathering assured them of good days ahead.

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