MUKTI NGO takes Covid-19 awareness to slums and street vendors : “Stop Spread COVID-19”

With the continuous rise in the cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the underprivileged in India like slum dwellers and street vendors are at higher risk due to a lack of knowledge and weak access to health care.

MUKTI , a Jammu based NGO, has undertaken a novel coronavirus awareness programme, reaching out to those in the lowest financial and educational rung to whom information is least likely to percolate. The awareness drive, which began a week ago, has covered large number of street vendors and families in different areas of JAMMU region.

Also, the members of the NGO have started working in various slums and colonies in and around Bhori, Anand Nagar, lower Muthi areas and in their respective neighbourhoods.

Nidhi Sharma, chairperson of the Mukti Organization while giving information about this initiative named “STOP “SPREAD COVID-19” apprised that her organization is actively involved in spreading information about preventive measure to stop spread of this Covid-19 Pandemic amongst the slum dwellers and street vendors and so far they have distributed over 2000 kits to the street vendors and almost same numbers to the families living in slums.

Keeping the challenge in mind, MUKTI Society Continuing its initiative of reaching to the marginalized section of the society to bring awareness about the spread of corono pandemic”she added. Mukti NGO today distributed masks and sanitizers amongst the slum dwellers and street vendors in different areas of Jammu.

She said that the slum dwellers and the street vendors are the most volatile section of the society as they come across 100s of people daily and are highly prone to covid risk therefore Mukti NGO has started this project of providing awareness amongst them and providing each household in slum areas kits carrying masks and sanitizers free of cost. She also urged the government to start rapid tests in slum areas and provide them basic nutritious diets especially to small children and pregnant women in these areas.