Mushrooming of rehris at ‘No Rehri Zones’ goes rampant

Balwant Singh Bhau
The rapidly increasing rehris at ‘No Rehri Zones is unbridled.The corporation had however declared 20 markets and roads as ‘rehri-free zones’ at many places, fruit, vegetable and juice sellers could be seen operating at Rehri free zones creating problems for traffic.
The corporation has carried out regular drives against illegally operating ‘rehris’ (mobile carts) in the city, it has failed to implement its decision. The number of rehris in the city ranges around a grand.
The local residents have added that they are not against someone’s earnings but government should provide a separate zone for these rehris.
At many places, the rush around the rehris creates traffic congestion and even sometimes the vendors come in centre of the road luring customers.
This not only creates nuisance, but also making the place accident prone.According to sources, the traffic police had proposed relocation of vendors from congested areas, but they opposed the move apprehending business loss.
The authorities must look into the matter at an earliest so that the problem can be solved.

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