My News; to some extent, may; ‘Sandwich’ between ‘False Newsflashes and Fake Newscasts’ of social-media

Serious Study Report (With Pains) By: Harbans S Nagokay
Withinthe developments of ‘WAR-ROOM MEETINGS’ at New Delhi, present boilingpressure &tightness between India and Pakistan, and rising calls for action against the offendersfrom other side of LOC; there found a new development in shape of growing alternate journalism at social media channels. Be it, what’saap, facebook, and tweeter or any other, all found flooded like alternativecombat-zonefiring like anything; there-at. On-and-After; the good-looking rumours for Indian produced by social-media news, in whicha group of brave Indian soldiers went across the LOC and assumed, killing of about 200 militants says that at least 20 terrorists have been neutralised in a daring cross-LoC operation by the Indian Army in response to the Uri attack. According to www.thequint.comTwo units of the elite 2 Paras comprising 18-20 soldiers flew across the LoC in the Uri sector in military helicopters and carried out an operation that killed at least 20 suspected terrorists across three terror camps in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK).
Such, news spreads like a jungle-fire as immediate alarmabout declaration of war to the tune of 100% almost and had made many poor border villagers to pack-up alongside leading to complete disorder in Kashmir, where normal life is already disrupted sincelast 76 consecutive days and separatists who are spearheading the current agitation in the Valley, have extended the protest programme till September 29. And, Shops, business establishments and petrol pumps continued to remain shut at Srinagar and elsewhere in the Valley, while public transport gone off the roads. Schools, colleges and other educational institutions also continued to remain shut. We cannot deny that there are few self-styled journalists those may; spread such news by copy pasting it from other sources without checking the authenticity of the facts. The big problem nowadays that everyone has become a journalist and such ‘would-be’only spreading false
information’s.Then, aftermath is further distribution of allegations like “media issbaatkochuparahehain….media paisekeliyekaamkarrahahai…….media Modi ke control meihai…..Media Kejriwalko support karrahahai….media muslim countries kahai…..isliyee is baatko door takfalayeee “really left many active journalists dishearten and disappointed too.
We must not ignore that manysuch ‘Meaningless& Purported’ news may resulted negative when
enemy’s Fighter planes Fly over our Heads, and God forbid, might be leaving many to lose much.
Anyhow, alertness and extra responsible reporters made Police in Bethlehem Township, Northampton County, through multiple calls about an apparent ‘Muslim man’ walking around the Bethlehem Square Shopping Center with a “large knife” or “sword”.Multiple officers responded to find one Sikh Mr.Harpreet Singh Khalsa sitting inside a van parked in the fire lane. US, police surrounded this Sikh man carrying a kirpansaying the victim of racial profiling in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, but police stated that those who called in their concerns did the right thing as people of US nation are on high alert, may made us to react ignoring the religious faith. Later, Mr Khalsa was not charged, and his kirpan was returned to him.
Yet, even now within the worries of ‘Chikungunya spread’ at New Delhi and NCR; where Supreme Court to hear PIL on Chikunguniya menace in Delhi on September 26, Every Indian is not so stunned over PM Nawaz Sharief’s speech in UN, where’THE SO-MUCH SHARIF PM OF PAKISTAN; purposefully pronounced Militant BurhanWani as a young leader of Kashmir,and alleged Wanimurdered by Indian forces. According to Mr. Sharif, (FACE-BOOK friends & self-styled majnu designed for many innocent women)BurhanWani; had become the symbol of the new Kashmiri intifada that was led by common Kashmiris.BurhanWani , a leader, emerged as a new icon in the freedom movement of Kashmir, said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his fourth address to United Nations General Assembly, who claimed that Kashmiris want freedom from India: Nawaz Sharief. And, need to mention here that unfortunately, world community also found missing for hearing the same KASHMIR ALLAAP of PAK PM Nawaz Sharif, yesterday, where above 75% chairs found empty.

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