Mysterious hair chopping creates panic in Kathua

The braids of two women and hair of a man in outer villages of Kathua were chopped mysteriously by unknown persons on Sunday, leaving villagers scared and seeking superstitious remedies.
The incidents have led to an atmosphere of fear and attribution of the deed to ‘witches’ and ‘ghosts’. After these incidents villagers hanging nimbu-mirchi on their doors and performing hawans, started guarding themselves against the unknown ‘evil’ by putting hand imprints on their outer walls, invoking gods and keeping the 24-hour vigil. Police officers, however, said that there is no ghost in town.
The three incidents, which occurred over a period of about 24 hours on Sunday, took place in the houses where the victims lived. Each of the victims said the chopping of their hairs happened soon after they experienced sudden unbearable headaches and fell unconscious. The hairs were left behind at the spot.
Minkashi Devi W/o Joginder R/o Seri Mahanpur told that she was doing work in the home when ‘someone’ mysteriously chopped off her braid. Ramparsad R/o Flote said he felt a terrible headache and lost consciousness, when woke up find that his hairs gone. Jyoti Devi R/o Govindsar Kathua told that she seeing a cat turning into a person before she lost consciousness.
Though the police could neither comment confidently on the motive behind the mischief. “The matter is becoming very complicated, the hair of some people had been chopped off and there is no doubt about that,” Police said, Adding that still, they are looking into it but so far “we are not in the position to comment beyond this, We are trying to crack the mystery.

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