Nai Basti shopkeepers protest against Police, a failed administration?

With the festive season, season for shopkeepers also comes along. Their sales, marketing and profits increase during this time. But instead of that, they protested against some policemen who tried to ruin their business. Today is Karwa Chauth and last night when women came to the market to put mehendi (henna) on their hands, flying squat members misbehaved with them and the shopkeepers.

One of the shopkeepers said “This is our festival. If I own a shop, can’t I keep articles for sale outside it? I agree 9 pm is the closing time. All shops were closed only mehendi appliers were sitting and even ladies were waiting for their turn. Why did the Police misbehaved with them? If curfew exists, does it only exist for Nai Basti and not for City, Gol market or Narkanda?”

“We are not going to tolerate this nonsense. The policeman beat a woman’s husband accusing him to be drunk while he wasn’t. Just to disturb the atmosphere he did it deliberately.” added the Pradhan of the shopkeepers.

“We compromised for 3 months during lockdown. Now when it’s our business time, the Administration gave a call for night curfew. Does corona affect people only at night and not during the day when they roam freely without masks? I am sure DC Sushma Ma’am also keeps fast for Karwa Chauth and would understand the problems we are suffering from. We request her to pay attention on this matter too.”