Naiz asks PDP-BJP Govt to stop ‘politics of revenge’ in Bhaderwah

Former Power Minister Mohd Sharief Naiz cautioned the ruling PDP and BJP to give up its politics of revenge in Bhaderwah constituency, warning protest and demonstration. Addressing a Jam packed press conference here today Congress senior leaders and  former Minister M S Naiz alleged that PDP and BJP is playing  Politics of revenge in  Bhaderwah constituency with Congress workers and alleged intentionally employees who are  kith and kin of Congress workers  are being harassed which is undemocratic and is not expected . Charging Mehbooba Mufti with failure as Chief Minister, Naiz predicted that the PDP-BJP coalition Government will not be stable. “It appears that this Government will not last long till its tenure and therefore the Congress workers should remain ready for the next Assembly elections very soon,” he said. He accused the ruling PDP-BJP coalition government of failing to deliver the promises it made to the people of Jammu and Kashmir during and before the assembly elections. “The PDP-BJP government has lost the trust of the people, in a short span of time , because of utter failure of the coalition to fulfill their tall claims during and after elections and their opportunist and contradictory stand on every important issue in the state, He  lamented that instead of Atta, raw wheat grains were supplied by the Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution (CAPD) Department on the ration depots whereas former Advisor to the Governor, Parvez Dewan, in his last meeting with the senior officers of the CAPD Department, had directed to ensure supply of Atta instead of wheat to the consumers of urban areas .He expressed dismay over the implementation and continuation of controversial Food Safety Act (NFSA) in the State and alleged that lakh of people have been deprived of their necessary rations, especially poor lot of the society

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