‘Nalayak’ not much offensive; BJP, PDP sacrificed ideology but for what?

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PDP-BJP government is annoyed by the use of word ‘Nalayak’. And yes, the government has a reason to be so. They are agitated over use of a derogatory term by a responsible newspaper and more importantly, a Journalist who is otherwise supposed to behave in a highly responsible manner. Yes, the annoyance is genuine. But in these times, when a National News Channel where the politicians of Jammu and Kashmir love to be hosted, suddenly turn Hindi from English, this use of Hindi word should not be taken too seriously. What other word should be used for the inefficiency of a government which had claimed of being different from the ones we had become habitual of seeing in power? The alliance partners should understand that the alliance they had come-up with was called by them, meeting of North and South Pole, just for the sake of preventing communal riots in Jammu and giving Kashmiris a hope that their genuine aspirations would be addressed on priority. The name of ex-Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was used to convince the people across the state that the alliance would repeat his doctrine. But the coalition government is into its fourth year and there is no trace of either PDP delivering peace in Kashmir or BJP letting people of Jammu believe that all their genuine grievances have been addressed.
Both have failed in their respective regions. Yet BJP can hope of keeping their constituency in Jammu intact owing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity among voters of all ages but PDP has nowhere to go. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP’s politics based on using whatever it takes to win an election would help the party in coming back in Jammu, though in lesser numbers. But PDP can neither claim back the agenda which took it to power in 2002 and then, it came back in 2014, riding high on the agenda of preventing BJP from making inroads in Kashmir valley.
Who does not know how big a role Jamaat-e-Islami played in ensuring PDP comes to power in Jammu and Kashmir? Their cadre is disheartened and they are yet to believe that the party they trusted over and above National Conference (NC) took a 90 degree u-turn when it came to forming the government. The party chose BJP as alliance partner, promising that the move is aimed at bringing permanent peace in Jammu and Kashmir. The move was justified by saying that the North-South pole alliance was in the larger interest of the state. But four years down the line, people are asking why did the two ally if it was to be repeat of the NC-Congress regime?
Kathua Rape and Murder incident and the manner in which BJP tried to raise the passions over the arrest of the accused speaks in volumes about the fact that the party knows well, it has not been able to deliver on the expected lines. The party has realized that when in power, you cannot do what you are used to doing in opposition. The party suffered first major reverse when it had to accept two flags and two constitutions on day 1 in office. The party is now telling the people of Jammu that once it gets majority in Lok Sabha as well as Rajya Sabha, it would undo what it perceives as the historic blunder of country’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. And when the central government is asked, they say that the matter is sub-judice. And once the court rules, we would follow the ruling in letter and spirit. But the common man who voted for BJP had expected that the party would redress their grievances and ensure that Jammu region gets it due from the state as well as the central government. But the manner in which the official spokespersons and leaders of the two parties are latching onto the highly divisive and religious issues shows that both know, they have not been able to deliver on the developmental agenda. The rebellious language of the ministers as well as middle rung leaders of both the parties does not go with the way they have been ruling the state. We are ruling yet we are agitated and we oppose our own government’s decision making is something being witnessed for the first time in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. Police and top administrative officers are transferred with one stroke of pen and that too overnight and then one hears the murmur in the political circles that BJP was not informed about the reshuffle by the alliance partner. Yet the two continue enjoying power. PDP has got nothing to show to the people back home yet it continues in power. The developmental agenda is gone with the wind. Not even one big project has either been completed or inaugurated. The ones inaugurated were the ones whose foundation stone had been laid prior to May 2014. Yet the government gets annoyed when one uses the word ‘Nalayak’. The new order in Journalism is much worse than what the print media delivering. The state leaders should start thinking about coming back home and stop appeasing Journalists who abuse them on the national media as a matter of routine. And if they like and love being abused on the national channels, they should stop having reservation with the language used by the local newspapers which are yet to copy Rambo and Rakhi Sawant type Journalism.

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