Narendra Modi to ministers: Avoid five-star hotels and PSU benefits

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strictly warned the union ministers against staying in lavish five-star hotels on official duty and using the resources of the public sector undertakings under their ministries.

According to the Times of India, sources have revealed that Narendra Modi gathered all the ministers after the cabinet meeting on Wednesday to caution them about availing unjust benefits from their respective ministry’s PSUs, especially using PSU vehicles for personal use.

Modi has expressed concern over ministers often giving in to the “temptation” of staying in five-star hotels despite the provision of government accommodation. He clearly stated that all ministers must avail government accommodation while on duty.

Modi also said that reports of ministers misusing PSU vehicles for personal use or their family members have reached him and he warned against it.

As Modi made it clear that availing unjust benefits would not be tolerated, the ministers have also instructed their staff to ensure that no personal benefits will be entertained.

Narendra Modi reportedly took a firm stand on his policy of “zero tolerance to corruption” and wishes to maintain the clean and “scam free” image of the government, prior to the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2019.

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