Nation is crying over the Tragedy of Hathras case, demands Justice: Sawhney

Jammu: The Congress party organized a protest at Shaheedi Chownk, Jammu against the UP government for the Hathras rape incident and mishandling of the case by the UP administration and police. Led by Former Minister J&K Yogesh Sawhney (General Secretary JKPCC & In Charge District President Jammu-Urban), the protesters demanded justice for the nineteen-year-old victim of gang rape and brutal assault in Boolagarhi village of Hathras who eventually succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

Sawhney expressed his outrage at the “extremely unfortunate and horrendous incident that has shocked the entire country and shaken its conscience.” He said that the incident is beyond cruelty. This was an assault on a young girl’s dignity. Her life was taken away from her in the most gruesome manner and it is the most heinous crime; its culprits should be brought to justice.

The protesters were also infuriated by the alleged police cover-up, as the family of the victim has said that the authorities did not take their permission before cremating their daughter in the middle of the night. It was said that it is outrageous that after such an appalling incident occurred, the rights of the family to see their daughter for the last time were grossly violated by the UP police and administration.

“We fall short of words to describe how inhumane and sad this incident is and it needs to stop. The government needs to set an example and put laws, policies, and procedures in place to protect our girls and women. And we will fight until due justice is imparted and the culprits pay for their crimes.”, said Sawhney.

The protesters demanded that speedy justice is delivered to the family and the culprits are given the most stringent punishments for their vicious act of unspeakable and shocking brutality and barbarity. They demanded the UP government should wake up and take the most severe action and deliver justice.