National seminar on Abhinavagupta concludes at SMVDU

A national seminar on “Abhinavagupta: The Genius of Kashmir” organised by the Deptt of Philosophy & Culture in collaboration with the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (IGNCA), New Delhi, concluded today. As this is the millennium year of Abhinava Gupta, a great saint and noted philosopher of the Kashmir Shaivism tradition, IGNCA is conducting national seminars at four distinct places in India this year, this was the first in series. The seminar was inaugurated with a welcome note by
Dr V K Tripathi, Head, Dept of Philosophy & Culture.
In addition the theme was presented by Dr Anil Kumar Tewari, address by Dr N D Sharma from IGNCA, keynote address by Dr Bharat Gupta, Trustee IGNCA and inaugural address by
Prof Shiv Nirmohi.
Total seventeen papers were presented by scholars from all across the country and from the region and a range of topics were covered including Abhinava Gupta’s contribution to aesthetics, poetry, linguistics, epistemology, metaphysics and spiritual aspects of his philosophy. The importance of his contribution to Indian theater arts, his influence on the later philosophical thinking and spiritual practices and shaping the Indian philosophy of art was also highlighted. The seminar was enriched by presentations by Prof. Ram Pratap, former Head of Sanskrit Deptt University of Jammu, Prof. Ram Bahadur Shukla from Sanskrit Dept. University of Jammu and a number of research scholars from the same deptt. Dr. Krishna Murari Mani Tripathi and Dr D. Dayanath, Dr Ratan Pandey, Dr Nigam Pandey from Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Jammu, Dr Rajneesh Shukla from JNU, Dr Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi from Deptt. of Languages and Literature SMVDU, Dr M M. Chaturvedi, Dr Anil K. Tewari and Dr V K Tripathi from Dept. of Philosophy & Culture also presented scholarly papers. The seminar concluded with a report presentation by Dr Anil K. Tewari, a valedictory address by Dr. Bharat Gupta and Dr Shiv Nirmohi, a vote of thanks by Dr V K Tripathi and a concluding prayer ‘Bhairava-strotra’ by Dr Advaitavadini Kaul. The IGNCA officials also expressed their satisfaction on the meticulous organization of the seminar and expressed their willingness to have more collaborative activities with the Deptt of Philosophy and Culture, SMVDU.
The IGNCA will also consider publication of selected papers in edited Millennium Volume on Abhinavagupta.

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