Natrang staged Shailesh’s Hindi play ‘Kasak’

Natrang staged Shailesh’s  Hindi play ‘Kasak’ under the direction of Rahul Singh on the 2nd day of Natrang Theatre festival being organized at Abhinav Theatre Jammu to commemorate celebrations of 35 glorious years of Natrang.


Welcoming the august gathering, Natrang Director Balwant Thakur informed that in its Endeavour to give platform to young directors of Natrang, Rahul Singh a young director who won National scholarship is being introduced. “Young minds with new innovations always venture to come up with fresh ideas and the same is expected from him” Balwant Thakur added and hoped that his effort will receive appreciation and accolades.


The play opens up with a tragic scene of Rajnikaant Patel who is an alcoholic. He is drooling in a nerve-racking dream where he is dreaming about his wife and his child being murdered. He further calls his wife, as suspected he is in rehab trying hard to leave alcohol. Suddenly he hears the loud scream of his wife and the child being brutally murdered through the phone. In the next scene he plots a plan against Pratap Thapa, the police officer who had convicted him for the murder case of his wife and the child.


The magnificent actors who performed in the play were Kushal Sharma as Chandrima Desai, Goutam Sharma as Pratap Thapa and Gautam Kumar as Rajnikant. Voice over was given by Aishwarya Sathe and Sushant Singh Charak. Music was rendered by Brijesh Avatar Sharma.


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