Natrang stages ‘Guddi’ at Mankote

Natrang artisits with the support of army today staged a play ‘Guddi’ at Mankote, Mendhar. The play was written and directed by Padamshree Balwant Thakur. The play was based on multiple subjects addressing the problems of girl child, female feticide, education and empowerment of women.
In the play the lead character ‘Guddi’ is fully aware of the strains of early marriage, as it has taken its toll in untimely death of her mother. She wants to grow and get educated before she takes up the responsibility of married life. Her dreams are shattered, a ‘suitable’ groom is found and marriage date is fixed. While the marriage ceremonies are being performed, help comes in the form of intervention by legal authorities and decision of marriage is deferred for appropriate time. The play highlights the plight of young girls who are sacrificed at the altar of rotten, redundant customs of illiterate and ignorant sections of our society. The lead role of the play was brilliantly played young dynamic actor Juhi Singh who was equally supported by senior actor Neeraj Kant as his father.
Other actors who
performed were Mohd. Yaseen, Rahul Singh, Shivam Singh, Ankush Lakhnotra, Rajan Thakyal, Mahikshit Singh, Piyush Anand, Rishav Sharma, Sudesh Parihar and Meenakshi Bhagat.

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