Natrang stages ‘Kharaashein’

A thought pondering and heart rendering performance of ‘Kharaashein’, a collage of Gulzar’s literary creations on riots was presented under the direction of Rahul Singh today in Natrang’s Sunday Theatre Series.

The production was appreciated by audience for its design, craft, lights, music, acting and obviously for its content. Director Natrang Balwant Thakur complimented the young team of Natrang’s actors, technicians and the director for the thought provoking presentation, their excellent teamwork and most importantly their praiseworthy coordination between various creative departments.

Three different stories on one common plot written by country’s most celebrated writer Gulzaar were presented and the stories were, ‘Ravi Paar’, ‘Hilsa’ and ‘Khuda Hafiz’. ‘Ravi Paar’ is the story of India at the time of partition. Religious fanatics of both sides showed no mercy on anyone who didn’t believed in their religion, after partition Darshan Singh and his family, takes asylum in a nearby Gurudwara. Amidst all the chaos ‘Shahni’ gives birth to twins but one of the twins born was very weak and had very bleak chances of survival. Meanwhile Darshan Singh gets the news of arrival of special train from India which has arrived to carry people to safer place. Darshan Singh reaches station in a rush only to find out train was extremely over crowded, somehow he finds some space for himself and his family on the top of train. After the night falls and train leaves the Station Darshan Singh notices that one of the kid was no longer moving and was cold realizing that the kid was dead. Natrang actors who gave marvellous performances  in the play included Rahul Singh, Rajan Thakyal, Shivam Singh and Garima Jasrotia.

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