NC District President asks party men to fan out failures of present regime amongst mass

National Conference District President Ajeet Sharma exhorted youth to play their useful role in strengthening bonds of amity and unity by isolating the forces bent upon dividing society for furthering their political agenda. He said these words while addressing party activists during the monthly meeting organised as Brahmin Sabha on Wednesday.

While addressing the gathering Ajeet Sharma said that BJP-PDP coalition government is not committed to the welfare of the youth of the state and during tenure of ten months ruling has not brought innovative schemes for the gainful employment as also the employability of the youth of the state. “It was hardly after two days of formation of government NIT Srinagar issue created a havoc in the state”, he added.

Ajeet Sharma also said that BJP fought election against PDP and PDP fought election BJP, however later both for the sake of power had coalition and formed government. Recalling both the parties of opposite motives Ajeet Sharma said that this government could dissolve at any time. He also asked his activists to be ready for the elections.

Ajeet Sharma also said that the state is craving for good old days to return and the garden of tranquility to bloom with colourful flowers. He gave clarion call to youth to come forward in a big way and play their useful role in steering out the state from challenges confronted to it due to uncertain politics and lack of governance.

He asked the party men to be available to the people and try to mitigate the grievances and problems to project them before the appropriate forum for redressal.

Shakeel Ahmed, Shyam Narayan Mehta, K K Bakshi, Harjeet Singh Wazir, Devinder Mehta, Rakesh Kumar Raju, Kuldeep Verma, Shanti Swaroop, Harjeet Singh Isher and many others were present on the occasion.

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