NC leaders in Kashmir confused over Amendment of Art 370 & removal of Art 35-A

PROF Bhim Singh advised the confused Kashmir leaders, particularly, NC leaders about the recent action of the President of India and the Parliament over removing Art 35-A and Amending Art 370 in the constitution of India. NPP Supremo told confused leadership that the Art 370 was temporary and the Parliament had the power to amend it. The only issue which is very important is to consider if the Parliament of India could demolish entire Provision? Has Parliament got power to amend its clause on the issue of Instrument of Accession which had given power to the President of India to make any changes in it. Can this clause be dealt by the Parliament? If so, weather this issue was referred to the Parliament? How this clause mentioned in the Instrument of Accession by the Maharaja on 26th October 1947 was ignored by the Parliament?, Prof Bhim Singh, Sr. Advocate raised this question with Govt of India. This is also very important that the Parliament of India could not change the command of the Instrument of Accession which had put a condition, he said. The constitutions expert also questioned Govt of India if it had any in the constitution to demolish the command of the IOA? Has the Parliament got the powers to change the language or command of Instrument of Accession in 2019? Prof Bhim Singh also raised several legal points on the Act of Parliament dated 05, November, 2019. He also asked Govt of India to justify burial of Art 370 when the Parliament of India has already made another law under Art 371 giving similar concession to several states in the North East, Himachal Pradesh and other states which were given in Article 370 to J&K. NPP Supremo asked Govt of India to take this issue with the Parliament again to give open opportunity to all MPs. Prof Bhim Singh also advised the frustrated leaders in Kashmir to forget Art 35-A which had destroy fundamental rights in the Indian constitution. NPP leaders also connived with the frustrated leaders who are knocking a dead door. He said that this was National Conference and PDP leadership who had also misused PSA in J&K using this draconian law against political activists in J&K. He reminded them that PSA was created 1978 by National Conference Govt and he, Bhim Singh was the first MLA detained under this law. The National Conference the PDP, both had misused this law detaining thousands of political activists during their rule. He advised both parties to forget Article 35- A. we can meet and discuss Article 370. I would like to invite all the recognized political parties in J&K to take appropriate step. Neither China nor any big power in the world can change the constitution of India and these old slogans of using foreign powers have gone de pinot the political graveyard.